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The best directions for buying property in Italy

Houses and apartments in these regions are in great demand among foreigners. And there are many reasons for this. The direction of the company Olon Property, Carla Meoni, tells us which directions are best for purchasing real estate.

The most popular region for buying real estate. Not only thanks to the rich culture, history, local cuisine and delicious wine, but also the peculiarities of the region. Here you can buy housing in the countryside and in the coastal zone, right on the seafront.

Now the market for short-term rental of luxury real estate in Tuscany is growing rapidly. The homeowner can rent it out to tenants throughout the year, and the object will pay for its annual maintenance.

It is important to remember that the better you equip and decorate your home, the more you earn on rent. A well-furnished house can be rented for € 3–20 thousand per week.

For those who want to live in the countryside, the best strategic choice is the town of Lucca. This is one of the most elegant parts of Tuscany, while from here to the sea is only 20 minutes away by car. And for those who prefer
the resort infrastructure, there is Forte dei Marmi – it attracts with its convenient location right on the seashore and is considered a place of elite rest, especially among Russians.

By the way, from both these cities you can reach the airport of Pisa in just 20 minutes by car. Compare: in Rome, for example, it will take an entire hour.

In recent years, Tuscany real estate prices have been falling. But now the bottom has already been passed, and they have stabilized. So now is the right time to buy. This has long been understood by the British, Americans, Germans and representatives of Northern Europe, for example, the Netherlands and Denmark. All of them – the main players in the local real estate market, along with the Russians.

Russians most often try to rent it before buying a property in Tuscany. But there are those who come here with specific requests and a solid budget. Such buyers choose not an apartment, but a private house – with a pool and a garden, worth from € 1.5 million.

In Lucca, for example, a villa of 400-500 square meters. m with a large garden will cost from € 1.6 million to 2.3 million. Apartment of 200 square meters. m in the center of the city usually costs from € 900 thousand to 1.3 million, but the price varies greatly depending on the characteristics of the object.

Lake como
This is the most luxurious region for investment in Italy. Only very wealthy people invest money here. Demand for real estate rolls over. Therefore, prices are growing rapidly. Just not enough objects to cover all requests.

The advantages of the region are obvious. Only 50 minutes drive to Milan, even less – to nearby Switzerland, the amazingly beautiful nature of the surrounding mountains, combined with water space. For many, the fact that Lake Como is a favorite of Hollywood celebrities will play an important role. What is worth only the villa of George Clooney, which for many years did not give rest to the locals.

The region has flourished literally in the last decade. Prior to this, real estate is rarely bought by foreigners. And now it is the choice of many wealthy buyers from abroad. Russians are among them, and their typical budget starts at € 5 million.

The best places to buy real estate on Lake Como are Chernobbio and its surroundings. Here is the most famous Italian villa of the XVI century – Villa d’Este. But you can not go wrong if you choose any other town.

Many foreigners choose Lake Como as their place of permanent residence, since in this case, the purchase of real estate is subject to lower taxes. Others, especially the Swiss and Germans, prefer to come here to rest, while continuing to work in their native country.

Luxury villa on Lake Como will cost expensive. Million seven. In Euro. If this is a historical object, then the price range is usually € 5–10 million.

It is a region adjacent to Tuscany, and it is far from being so famous. It is not so convenient to come here for a beach holiday, because the whole sea is two hours away by car. But you can endlessly enjoy rural beauty. Umbria is like Tuscany 40 years ago. Yes, and housing prices are more affordable. And there are not so many tourists.

In Italy, Umbria is called the heart of the country. If you look at the map, you will understand why. So, the region is ideal for people who want to live like real Italians. Real Italy – it is here. But the airport is at hand, it is in the main city of the region – Perugia.

Local housing prices have been falling for the past few years. But now the moment has come when ahead of investors only growth is waiting. However, since the cost per square meter is lower than in Tuscany, you should not count on the same high yield. On rent here earn less.

Now on the real estate market of Umbria, many offers. Therefore, the buyer will not be difficult to choose an object to their liking.

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