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Personal experience: the spontaneous purchase of an apartment for recreation and rental in Radhim, Albania

Albania for Natalia and Dmitri was terra incognita. The first enthusiastic response of a close relative prompted them to draw attention to this country and even fly there. The trip was decisive. Spouses fell in love with the country, its nature, the sea, people. On first impressions, choosing and buying an apartment – in the new material


Buyer: Natalia from Ukraine
Realtor: Albania Service
Region: Albania, Radhim
Object: apartment 1 + 1, the area of ​​50 square meters. m
Price: € 46,500
Deal: Primary Real Estate, November 2018

Enjoyed rave reviews
The purchase was prompted by a relative – the owner of her own travel agency. After returning from the information tour of Albania, she began to share her impressions of the country, and they were all enthusiastic.

My husband and I became thoughtful and for the beginning decided to see what they write on the Internet about Albania. Stumbled upon your site, in particular, on reviews of people who have already bought real estate there. They honored, imbued and decided to go to see everything with my own eyes. Maybe we will also like this Balkan country and we will buy real estate for a holiday. Why not?

The country is small, with its rich history, beautiful nature and good ecology (especially in comparison with our city). There is a mild climate, lots of greenery, there are mountains and the sea. And yet it is well located – between Greece and Montenegro, and Italy is within reach. Can be combined with a vacation in Albania, visiting these countries. Especially since getting there is no problem – we have ferries at our disposal.

Prices for apartments here – from € 450 per square
Reading the reviews, found the company, wrote off with its representative and agreed the dates of our arrival in Albania. For us, this was a kind of information tour to the country – acquaintance with terra incognita simultaneously with viewing housing options.

We agreed with the agency as follows: we described what we wanted and said: if everything suits us, both the apartment and the impressions of the country, we will make the purchase. For this, we have previously prepared the necessary documents. Their list was provided to us at the agency.

We were also previously shown options for apartments and oriented on real estate prices. Depending on the location, distance, distance from the sea and the proximity of infrastructure, prices range from € 450 to € 1,100 per sq. M. m

Albanian Property

Sea view from the apartment

The country fascinated us with mystery
Initially, I wanted to buy an apartment worth up to € 30,000. The main requirements are proximity to the sea (the first line is necessary) and a new house with a closed territory, located in an area where the entire infrastructure is within walking distance. And about the apartment itself and its planning, we did not think about it. And the realtor was asked to simply show the options, taking into account the initial requirements, and we say that it is more suitable.

The first time we flew to Albania in October 2018 for a week. The country fascinated us immediately. Its mysterious beauty of wild nature – “incredible value.” And this is despite the fact that we have not yet seen all of Albania, but only a small part of it, when we went from Durrës to Saranda and to Vlora.

Upon arrival, we were met by agent Aldor and helped to stay in apartments in Durres, which were provided as part of a study tour. In this case, the first three days of stay were free, as indicated on the agency’s website.

He also drove and showed objects in Durres, Saranda and Vlora. Of course, we looked at different options – cheap and costing up to € 80 thousand, including those remote from the sea, just to have an idea. But we decided quickly, although we looked at many options. And those apartments that we subsequently purchased, we saw on the first day.

Our house is on the shore
Most of all we liked in the town of Radhim. It is located on the Albanian Riviera between Vlora and Orikum. It was here that everything coincided – the place, the residential complex, its owner and the surrounding atmosphere. We liked the apartment and the sanitized area, very much bribed the pool. And, of course, the sea – it is here in a couple of steps.

My husband and I discussed all the objects we looked at, weighed the pros and cons and settled on the next option.

This is a two-bedroom apartment of 50 square meters. There is a living room combined with a kitchen, a small bedroom, a six-meter balcony. The bedroom is French – from floor to ceiling – a window overlooking the mountains.

Our apartments are located on the second floor of a four-story building with an elevator. Each floor has three apartments. The building was commissioned in early 2018. Nearby are several buildings, two of which are also with apartments, in the others – hotel rooms. The residential complex is bright, and the area is ennobled by green spaces, clean, with a swimming pool and, not least, closed.

Shells can be said to stand on the shore. Therefore, the beach is right outside the gates of the complex at 30 meters. It is pebbly, smooth, equipped with umbrellas and sun beds. And, despite the fact that there are bars and cafes, clean.

The area has all the necessary infrastructure for recreation – restaurants, markets, shops, taxis. By the way, the road from the center of Radhima.

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