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Prices in the country: how much does it cost to live in Canada?

To live in Vancouver or Toronto is much more expensive than, say, in Ottawa or in Halifax, and in Manitoba and Quebec – the cheapest. The provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia are the most expensive in the country. In nearby US, mandatory expenses are generally lower. Nevertheless, Canada belongs to the countries with a developed economy and a high standard of living: the government builds a policy so that everyone – both local and expat – can earn decent income regardless of their position. will talk about the basic costs of housing, food, transportation and entertainment.

Canada is famous for the lack of social inequality. Prices correspond to the standard of living, and, despite the difference in wages, everyone can afford to rent housing, eat fully and have fun. Almost 70% of the population own their own real estate, more than 50% have their own cars. The state holds the first position in the number of digital and computer equipment per person.

However, the regions of the country vary greatly in economic situation. For example, according to the rating compiled by BMO Bank, the best cities for work and life are Ottawa, Quebec and Hamilton. And the popular Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are not on the list at all.

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Housing costs
The range of housing prices in Canada is very wide depending on the specific region. The peculiarity of the country is that each province has the right to introduce its own procedures regarding taxation and pricing. For example, the average cost of housing in Vancouver – $ 1 million, and in Montreal – $ 262.4 thousand for January 2019. In Quebec, on average, real estate costs $ 190 thousand, one of the most affordable at prices – the city of Charlevoix: $ 97.5 thousand on average.

In Calgary (Alberta), one-bedroom apartment can be bought for $ 170 thousand, and a double apartment – for $ 230 thousand. In Vancouver, the cost per square meter of apartments varies depending on location from an average of $ 3.8 thousand to $ 5.7 thousand, in Toronto – $ 2.66-5.30 thousand, in Montreal – $ 1.36-2.60 thousand

Real Estate Examples in Canada
View more 26 similar properties.

The process of renting real estate in Canada is practically no different from other countries – the owners do not impose non-standard requirements on tenants. The maximum that they can ask for is a job certificate about income (and even then they are not always asked).

Among the features – the size and type of housing, depending on the size of the family. For example, a family of two can rent a one-bedroom apartment. But if there is also a child, then he, according to local legislation, should have his own room. Because we need apartments with at least two bedrooms.

When settling, the owners require a security deposit in the amount of from one to three monthly rental rates. On average, to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto, you need $ 1.2-1.5 thousand, in Vancouver – $ 1.1-1.4 thousand, in Calgary and Ottawa – $ 750-800, in Montreal – $ 530- 600, in Quebec and Halifax – $ 450-500.

Required utilities include gas, water, electricity and garbage collection. Depending on the area of ​​the apartment and the number of people the monthly fee varies. For example, servicing a studio apartment of 35 square meters. m will cost $ 80-90, and an apartment of 90 square meters. m – about $ 150-180. The Internet will cost $ 45-50.

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Transportation in Canada

Transport and communication
Public transport
Urban transport in the cities of Canada “adheres” to a clear timetable. In the most active hours, buses run every 5-10 minutes, the rest of the time – every 15-20 minutes. But note that they ply not until late: from 7:30 to 20:30 on weekdays and from 8:30 to 16:30 on weekends. The ticket is sold by the driver, the price is usually $ 1.5-2.0. Monthly travel costs about $ 40.

In large cities there is a subway, which operates daily from 5:30 to 00:30, and on Saturdays until 1:30. The cost of one trip is $ 2-5 (depending on the city and distance), a travel card for seven trips will cost $ 14-20, and for a month – $ 80-120.

In Canada, a taxi is expensive, because if this type of transport and use – then a relatively short distance. Baggage is free and the final price of the trip depends on travel time and mileage. The cost of landing in Toronto is about $ 3.2, a kilometer of the way is $ 1.3, an hourly wait is $ 25. The driver has the right to turn on the counter only when the client is in the car and the engine is running.

Most Canadians prefer to travel around the country by car – it’s faster and sometimes cheaper. The cost of a liter of gasoline is $ 1.0-1.5. Rent a car – $ 22-40, depending on the brand, on weekends – half. To rent a car will require a passport, credit card and international driving license. The driver’s age is at least 21 years old (in some cases from 23 years old), the driving experience is 1-5 years, depending on the company.

If you have your own car – do not forget about compulsory insurance, which will cost $ 60-80 per month.

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