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How to buy an apartment or villa in Spain, Italy and Greece

Despite the fact that prices in Spain, Italy and Greece, as well as the standard of living, are noticeably higher than those of Turkey or Bulgaria, the Mediterranean coast is invariably in high demand among our compatriots.

How to buy an apartment or villa in Spain, Italy and Greece Still, in the sunny EU member states it makes sense not only to relax, but also to study and work, NEWSru reports, citing expert advice on the real estate market of these countries.

In Spain, the choice of REAL ESTATE is large and very diverse. In addition, foreigners can relatively easily get a mortgage loan. And on favorable terms.

In Spain, the lowest interest rate for Europe is only 6% per annum, and the money can be received for up to 30 years. In this case, the acquired housing immediately becomes the property of the buyer, and does not remain with the bank until the loan is repaid, as is often the case in other countries.

REAL ESTATE prices in the sunniest European country are constantly growing, but even this does not deter many buyers. First of all, because, despite the rapid rise, they still remain lower than in many European countries.

The average cost per square meter of housing in the country at the moment is 2.4 thousand euros. Apartments in a quiet seaside town on the third coastline can be purchased for 1.5 thousand euros per square. And in Madrid or Barcelona prices are quite Moscow – 6-7 thousand euros per 1 sq. Km. meter.

The choice of places to buy REAL ESTATE IN ITALY is unusually wide: it can be Sardinia, Sicily, Rome, Naples, Florence, Milan, as well as alpine resorts or small coastal towns.

“Those who prefer the story should better choose REAL ESTATE in the northern regions,” said Alla Zotova, general director of the REAL ESTATE Agency. “Most of the cultural values, architectural monuments and museums are concentrated there. But the south of the country will suit someone better dotted with small towns.

In the second case, the choice will be somewhat wider, because in the historical part most of the buildings are of cultural value, which means that they will cost much more and will require appropriate care, which will also cost you a lot of money. ”

Making ownership of REAL ESTATE IN ITALY is not easy. All documents and procedures for the sale and purchase will be made only in Italian, so you cannot do without the help of a Russian-speaking lawyer, even if you know the language well.

The price range for homes and apartments in this country is very large – from 2.5 to 8-9 thousand euros per square meter, depending on the location and class of the object. A pleasant feature of the secondary market of ITALIAN REAL ESTATE is the fact that before starting to issue papers with the owner you can bargain for the object you like. This is a common thing for Italy, in many cases the client manages to bring down the price by 5-10%.

GREEK REAL ESTATE MARKET can not boast a large number of new buildings, for the most part it is a secondary housing. Apartments in apartment complexes are built mainly in large cities, and as for coastal areas, small villas and cottages are used there.

“It’s quite difficult to talk about prices for Greek houses,” says Maria Sorkina, a real estate market specialist. “Buildings by the sea is a piece of goods that is not measured in square meters. Each object is individual and has its own historical past, therefore prices are within one zone may be very different.

For example, typical townhouses on the first coastline of the Kassandra peninsula with an area of ​​80 square meters will cost about 200 thousand euros, and for a long time a new villa in the same area, with an area of ​​only 200 square meters, will cost 1.6 million euros. And both of these amounts are fair. Here the quality of the beach, the view from the balcony, the prestige of the resort village and, of course, the historical component of the land on which the building is located plays a role. ”

As for the legal side of the execution of the purchase and sale transaction in GREECE, the buyer here assumes all costs. In this country, the tax on REAL ESTATE is charged at a time in the amount of 1% of the cadastral value of the object. In the future, the buyer will face annual payments of property tax on real estate.

On average, this amount varies between 300–1 thousand euros. It is noteworthy that in GREECE the fact of owning property does not give the right to obtain a residence permit, as, for example, in Montenegro. To do this, you will need to either open your own business in the country, or conduct investment activities, or show your high incomes sufficient to fully support yourself and your family in the territory of a foreign state.

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