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We buy property in Bulgaria

In recent years, the flow of Ukrainian tourists to Bulgaria has increased by 45%. Connoisseurs of good rest are actively acquiring property in Bulgaria, it’s easy to do it even for a foreign citizen.

Anyone who appreciates this country will come back here again and again. Perhaps the best option is to come to your own house or apartment … Thus, you can kill several birds with one stone: get European citizenship, invest money and get a prestigious housing.

Bulgaria will soon join the EU. This fact and the historical experience of Cyprus, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other countries that have passed through a similar historical stage, testifies to the great profit at this time to invest in Bulgarian real estate.

Property in Bulgaria is still inexpensive compared to European markets, but a significant increase in prices is expected in the next two years. At present, a real construction boom is taking place in Bulgaria, many residential complexes are being built on the coast, construction projects are being developed at ski resorts.

Bulgaria is probably the only country that combines such attractive factors for Ukrainians as: excellent ecology, warm sea, beautiful landscapes, low cost of real estate and the almost complete absence of a language barrier. Neither Crimea, nor Russia, nor Greece can boast of such a set. Bulgaria is an ideal place for living and recreation, as well as for real estate investments.

Bulgarian Property
Everything is simple – the situation is such that the demand for property in Bulgaria is still lagging behind the supply. This means that you have a great chance to buy an apartment or house in Bulgaria at an affordable price. This contributes to the low tax rate on the purchase of real estate by foreigners.

Property in Bulgaria is constantly increasing in price. The average annual growth is 20-30 percent. Rent rates are also high. This allows us to consider the purchase of an apartment in Bulgaria as a profitable and reliable investment of money.

Investors are interested not only in the purchase of residential real estate in Bulgaria: houses or apartments in Bulgaria. Due to the rapid development of the tourism business, the demand for commercial real estate in Bulgaria has also increased, the easiest way to use it is renting out.

Why buy property in Bulgaria
The stability of the general political, economic and regulatory environment.
Indisputable macroeconomic stability, “reasonable” inflation, due to the efficient operation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a strict currency corridor, contributes to the predictability of the situation in the market, creating a calm confidence and initiative with a foreign investor.
Bulgaria is a member of a number of world financial and trade organizations: IMF, IBRD, WTO, CEAST and others. It participates in the work of the UN Security Council and NATO. And from January 1, 2007, she became a full member of the European Union.
Foreign investors are attracted in Bulgaria by the prospects of the huge European market and the accelerated harmonization of the Bulgarian regulatory system with the European one.
The decisive factor in shaping a favorable Bulgarian climate for a foreign businessman is the availability of the “Investment Law” (from 06.08.2004, the “Investment Promotion Act”), which meets modern rules and regulations for the free movement of capital in the civilized world.
For foreign firms, the national regime guarantees the unhindered implementation of investments, their protection and the receipt of a reliable income without any state intervention. The resulting profit is easy to transfer abroad after paying taxes. Profit tax and VAT are among the lowest in Central and Eastern Europe. When reinvesting profits tax rate is 0%. Maximum permissive and licensing issues.
To support foreign investment and priority investment projects in the country operates the Agency for Foreign Investment, which is a government organization.

Investments in Bulgaria can be made by legal entities not registered in Bulgaria; organizations that are not legal entities and are registered abroad; and individuals – citizens with a permanent residence abroad.

Unlike the laws of a number of countries, the Bulgarian Investment Promotion Act allows investors to manage their investment at their discretion. After receiving confirmation from the Ministry of Finance on the recognition of foreign direct investment, an investor can invest in any object of his choice.

Recognized direct investment in the amount of more than 500 thousand dollars. The USA grants the right to permanent residence in the country (permanent residence), and subsequently to Bulgarian citizenship. And given the entry of Bulgaria into the European Union, this is an attractive offer for those who want to live in a united Europe.

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