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How to get a residence permit in San Marino and why it is needed

A residence permit in this tiny state gives a lot of advantages – from the prospects of living in any European country to the possibility of significantly reducing the tax burden. On the methods of obtaining a residence permit in San Marino, the requirements for applicants and the cost of legal services – in this material.
One of the smallest countries in the world – San Marino – covers an area of ​​61 square meters. km and is the oldest state in Europe, whose borders are known to us. On all sides, San Marino is surrounded by Italy, located near the coastal city of Rimini and the prestigious local resort of Riccione.

The nearest international airport is just in Rimini, thirty minutes from San Marino. It is also convenient for Russian travelers to travel through Bologna, where Aeroflot flies. The country does not belong to the European Union or the Schengen zone, however, the agreements signed by the San Marino authorities give foreigners the right to visa-free entry and residence in other European countries. In addition, the state currency is the euro.

How to get a residence permit in San Marino?
The most popular way to get a San Marino residence permit – starting a business in the state.

CEOs of companies registered in San Marino can apply based on their business ownership. The main condition is a refundable security deposit in the amount of € 150 thousand. The amount can be paid in two stages: half of the receipt of a residence permit, the rest – within two years. These funds can be invested in real estate – both residential and commercial.

The residence permit is valid indefinitely, while the company works and a deposit is placed. The resident card is issued for five years, then renewed every five years. A residence permit holder receives the benefits of a tax resident and pays taxes only from sources in San Marino for stays outside Russia of 183 days.

The unique feature of this small country is the absence of official borders, therefore, in fact, the applicant can live both in Europe and in San Marino. The main thing is to confirm the crossing of the Russian border, and in San Marino itself it should have a place of residence, that is, real estate in rent or property.
Requirements for applicants
The main selection criteria are the financial independence of the investor and the absence of a criminal record. In addition, the investor must submit the following documents:

international passport;
copies of internal passport – those pages where there are marks;
marriage certificate;
confirmation of the place of registration;
certificate of no criminal record with a stamp round stamp;
two photographs measuring 3.5 × 4.5 cm;
completed form;
Help 2-NDFL worth more than € 50 thousand per year or an agreement to sell an asset or real estate more than € 150 thousand;
constituent documents of the company in the territory of San Marino;
certificate from the bank on the availability of a financial deposit;
documents confirming the existence of a residence in San Marino (rental agreement or certificate of ownership);
health insurance with a coverage of at least € 30 thousand
Documents in Russian must be notarized and apostilled. They do not need to be translated into Italian. Algorithm for obtaining a residence permit
First of all, the applicant must either send in advance, or hand over the personally collected package of documents. A candidate for a residence permit is a contract for the provision of comprehensive legal services for prepayment in the amount of 50% of the total amount of the contract. After that, the applicant is checked for reliability – it costs € 1,5 thousand.

* The contract is signed with a lawyer who deals with registration.

The second stage is the obligatory arrival in San Marino to open a personal bank account. At the same time, the composition of the founders of the company is determined and a notarial act on the establishment of the company in the country is drawn up After the applicant transfers to his account two sums:

for authorized capital – € 26 thousand;
for the costs of establishing a company and a security deposit – either immediately € 150 thousand, or in two stages in equal shares (€ 75 thousand at once and another € 75 thousand within two years).
During this visit, the applicant must submit a copy of the internal passport with all the marks and fill out a questionnaire for a residence permit. After that, the company is registered, it is assigned a legal address at the place of work of the auditor. This procedure will take two weeks.

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