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Antigua and Barbuda: tickets, prices, holidays, real estate and citizenship

The Caribbean islands are known not only for their heavenly climate, but also for their ability to apply for citizenship for investment. You buy a villa or sponsor a local economy – you get a passport. Let’s look closely at Antigua and Barbuda: what is remarkable about the country and what is happening in the real estate market.

A small island nation located in the West Indies, in the eastern Caribbean. The islands of Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda are located at a considerable distance from each other, while only two of them are inhabited (Redonda is a rock island).

Low mountains, coral reefs, bays with many beaches and tropical forests with air temperatures from 26 to 32 ° C – is this not a promise of earthly paradise? In addition, the rainy season is short – from September to November.

* Indicator ranking countries in terms of freedom of movement, taking into account the rules of the visa regime. The first lines get a passport with a visa-free entry to the largest number of countries.

Flight and visas
Flights from Russia and the CIS countries on average can be purchased for 70-80 thousand rubles. round trip. The trip is complicated by the fact that there are no direct flights, so the journey one way takes 16 hours.

Citizens of Russia and the CIS countries can stay on the islands for up to 30 days without restrictions on movement in the country. Before the trip it is worth considering a few points:

the passport must be valid for six months from the date of entry into the country;
On hand you need to have a hotel voucher and a return ticket.
Another difficulty may be obtaining a transit visa when transferring to Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and EU countries. Visa-free transit is only possible at Manchester Airport, as well as at Heathrow and Gatwick in London. In this case, the next flight should take off before 23:59 on the day of arrival, and passengers should not leave the airport transit zone.

Landmarks and infrastructure
365 beaches with golden-pink sand, the sweetest pineapples, flying fish, cricket competitions and incredible landscapes – all this you will find on the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.

Developed for the Caribbean, the infrastructure is focused on Antigua: St. Johns International Airport Antigua is located 6 km from the capital, sports clubs and spas, marinas, villas, hotels – in abundance.

St. Johns International Airport Antigua

For permanent residence on the island there is also everything you need: a free school for children (teaching is in English), a hospital in St. John’s with very good specialists, and for teenagers over 16 years old, the American University of Antigua will be a good solution. medical education. For shopping, there are many shops and boutiques in the Radcliffe-Quay quarter. The roads on the islands are not in perfect condition, so a compact city car is only suitable for traveling around the capital.

Tourists are attracted not only by the beach recreation areas, but also by the sights. The Devil’s Bridge in the national park in the southeast of Antigua looks breathtaking. In the south-west of the island stretches the ridge of Mount Obama (409 m above sea level), which you just have to climb to admire the view from the highest point. In the metropolitan museum of Antigua and Barbuda, curious people should certainly familiarize themselves with the history of the colonization of the state and look at the artifacts of Indian tribes. The brightest adventure promises to be an excursion on the pirate schooner Jolly Roger: deserted bays, rum punch and a holiday on board with the captain and his team will be remembered for a long time. In addition, you should not deny yourself in snorkeling and diving – the inhabitants of the coral reefs will be flattered by your attention. You can always rent a boat or join a kayak tour.

Politics and economics
Antigua and Barbuda is among the most prosperous island states of the Caribbean. The economy is stable, and there are no political upheavals.

However, do not forget about the threat of destruction from hurricanes and tropical storms. In 2017, Hurricane Irma caused great damage to Barbuda and, according to Prime Minister Gaston Brown, damaged 90% of the buildings.

Island loan


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